We are at a crossroads.

Ideas and models which defined the consulting industry are no longer as effective and viable as they were in the past.

Clients expect more from their advisors as they require that much more to survive in today’s market.

Konsälidön is the tipping point ushering in the new era in consulting.

Our value comes from connecting consulting teams with clients more effectively than in traditional consulting partnerships.

We bring transparency and open competition, promoting the brightest and best over the status quo.

We are a global network of over 350 of the best boutique consulting firms from all corners of the world.

Our expertise is demonstrated by 500 senior subject matter experts and industry specialists whose experience spans 4,000+ projects for organizations of all sizes across our 14 business sectors.

Konsälidön has been conceived and set up, after hard thought and consultations with clients and consulting industry leaders, by a diverse team of professionals with decades of consulting, industry and entrepreneurial experience.

This, we believe, is the future of consulting.