We help design and manage partnership programs for innovative businesses.

We have designed and managed 15 partnership programs and formed 100+ partnerships leading to over USD 3 mn. of revenue. Many of these partnerships continue to grow steadily.

We design your partnership program including a step-by-step approach to implement the program.

We identify potential partners and facilitate introductions for exploring synergies.

We help you negotiate, finalize and manage these partnerships.

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Könnected Capabilities

We will design and implement your partnership program, facilitate introductions, help with negotiating the partnerships, and support with the ongoing management of the partnership.

What you can expect

  • To participate in this solution, we first gain an understanding of your expertise and your specific requirements.
  • We will gain an understanding of the types of partnerships that have worked best for your business in the past and the type of partnerships you think will work well in the future. 
  • We will design your partnership program (including what you will be offering your partners and what they will expect in return). 
  • We will then scan for potential partners within and outside of the ecosystem. 
  • We will build a long list of partners and will reach out to them to explore the possibility of a partnership with your business. We may send your company brochure to introduce your services to potential partner(s).
  • We will facilitate an initial introductory meeting with the relevant connections identified and negotiate an agreement, after which you can connect with the partner as per your need (we can also help manage the partner program).
  • We will connect with you periodically to stay up-to-date on the progress of your collaboration and to discuss developments on existing projects/partnerships.

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