We help you recruit consultants, experts, or industry leaders to support the implementation of your innovative ideas.

We have supported over 200 businesses recruit and train 100+ growth hackers, and hire over 800 consultants, consulting teams, or industry experts, since 2018.

We understand your requirement (e.g. brief of the project, expertise required, location, and time frame).

We shortlist experts from our talent ecosystem through a competitive process.

You can build working relationships with these experts and connect with them for multiple opportunities.

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Könnected Talent

We are building a global marketplace that connects innovative businesses with the most qualified independent consultants, consulting teams, or industry experts.

What you can expect

- You may approach Konsälidön with openings within your business with specific details of the number of consultants, skillset or expertise required, location of delivery (offsite or in-person), duration of the engagement, language requirements if any, and expected budget of the requirement. 
- We will help you select the best-suited consultants, consulting teams, or industry experts through a competitive process. 
- You understand that Konsälidön will collect a success-based fee from your organization - 20% of the fee of the consultants, consulting teams, or industry experts.
- You agree that you will not attempt to hire the employees you borrow from another business or approach them for opportunities within your business or other organizations without explicit written consent from Konsälidön and then only after paying our success-based fee. 

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