We help innovative businesses achieve exponential growth.

We have supported 70+ entrepreneurs scale their ideas - leading to between USD 50,000 to USD 2 million in revenue - in their first year of operations.

We help you create a low-cost decentralized global workforce and harness the exponential power of ecosystems - to take your innovation from idea to scale, quickly.


We have successfully helped over 200 businesses register their company, conduct research, build their digital infrastructure, hire talent, and/or set up their go-to-market approach.

Könnected Intelligence

Our knowledge center provides you market intelligence and business research that you can trust.

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Könnected Talent

We help you connect with your future co-founders, employees, and provide you access to industry experts or innovative businesses, to help you overcome capability or capacity constraints.

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Könnected Playbook

We have created a “self-service” playbook to help you navigate our ecosystem and get your business market-ready to win in the global marketplace.

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Our methodology and tools have helped 70+ businesses meet over 1,500 potential clients, leading to over USD 10 mn. in cumulative revenue.

Könnected Opportunities

Our business development partners generate qualified opportunities for you.

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Könnected Selling

This game-changing solution provides you access to client relationships across our global network, while also enabling you to earn commissions by cross-selling solutions from other businesses.

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Könnected Capabilities

Develop cross-disciplinary solutions by combining your expertise with other businesses.

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Könnected Knowledge

Participate in peer advisory group meetings, with 15 -20 other professionals, which will give you access to deep relationships and a unique learning opportunity.

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Könnected Insights

Share your knowledge in webinars, panel discussions, or workshops, while also networking with your prospective clients.

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