Many a time, in human history, visionaries have created languages that facilitate universal communication.

Among these languages is Volapük, a language constructed in the 18th century and aimed to unite people from all corners of the world under a common language.

Konsälidön means “to consult” in Volapük

Like others before us, we believe in the universality of communication.

To break down the natural barriers that exist between people who don’t yet know each other.

To create an environment of understanding and trust while solving the problems that affect all of us, every day of our lives.

While our operations, like those of many of our clients, are conducted in English, it is these underlying principles we try to incorporate into our identity.

This is why our logo is symbolised by all the colors across the color spectrum coming together to form the strongest shape.

This is why we write Konsälidön in English, but with umlauts so we are aware of how we got here.